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Mind Talks- Intro

It took me a while to get back to WordPress, a year to be precise. Well, they wished me Anniversary as soon as I logged in. That made me happy! Happy for I’m back here with so much to give to you.

I’m finally here to write about the life changing experiences everyone may face at some point in life. Life experiences that brought me back to myself. I say, back to myself, because I was lost. So lost that I couldn’t understand the motive of being a human, the purpose of this life, that is given to us.

I’m not a fancy writer, but I am human just like you. The reason I would write in a manner that you all individually could connect to. I’m here to get your mind talking and your heart aiming the stars. I’m not a preacher. I am not a depressed soul. I am not another mortal being who lives to please others by demeaning myself. I am not another human who runs the race organized by the hypocrite society. I am deeper than that. I am a wild soul, finding ways to have a lighter heart and to live a carefree life avoiding all criticisms. To be a good human. To be truly happy.

I may not be aware of all the paths that lead to happiness. I don’t know how different does true happiness mean to each one of us. What might make you happy, might not make me happy and viceversa.

I was a soul indulged in an experiment called LIFE. In this period, I’ve had the time to have mind talks with both my good and bad side. I learnt many life lessons and found ways to happiness. From the little things to large. I am here to talk about humans, talk about feelings, to talk about getting closer to happiness, to talk about life!

Mind Talks is going to be a series of thoughts, events and human reactions and behavior, although I may not be a psychology student. I actually am a graduate in Political Science and post graduate in Mass Communication. Well my education is not what I’ll be blubbering about in this blog. Although, I’d pick education as a whole sometime soon.

I’m willing to connect to each of you reading this article and push you towards the greater dealings in life. That is to be happy with the true you. You, the inquisitive little child who searched for meanings of things beyond human knowledge. I aim on touching at least one life. A soul who can stand up without fear to share the joy of life!

Nothing is difficult, YOU have the power of the Almighty in you. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not here to talk about religion either. I’ve learnt something from every religion I was introduced to. And I am glad to have parents like mine who never forced or implied their knowledge on me. Or maybe they did, but gave up when they got introduced to the free bird soul in me. (THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU BOTH!)

Honestly, I learnt so much from them, even though we never really had the bonding a family requires. Or maybe things got faded with time. I am not ashamed about that. In fact, I’m more than glad to have two great souls that made me! The reason I’m willing to stick around even if I may get difficult to be understood. This too is one aspect I would cover, “Come at peace with your parents”. Lighten up your heart with them. No one will be happier at your achievement, nor will anyone be sadder at your loss.

So now, as my intro is done, leave me a comment below with 3 words that describe or revolve around your head that affects you the most in life! If not now, drop in a comment on any of my posts later on if you feel you connect well with what I share. I have a little magic I want the world to feel.

Let’s be different and share happiness! That’s what life is all about!


Sunset at Little Rann of Kutch

A tranquil sunset to a beautiful sunrise! Shine on, my pretty little humans!